Whatever realm or galaxy your conflict is waged over, the twisted wreckage bears witness to mighty conflagrations and deeds. Do your heroes justice and select Blastwall terrain.

I have been creating war gaming terrain for many years and now and hope you enjoy pieces that will enhance your battlefield and gaming experience.

# years experience

Quality guaranteed

Unique pieces

They are robust, great looking and affordable.  Each piece is unique, full of detail and ready to go into battle. I work in 15mm, 20mm and 28mm scale.

Please note Blastwall products are not toys but scale models meant to be used with table top war gaming figures.

The Blastwall covers of many areas of conflict.

Much of my range of models has been developed at the request of gamers looking for great models that are not available from commercial outlets. I am always looking for inspiration and would welcome any suggestions for themes or things you would like to see.

Realms Past

Fire ravaged timbers and perished stone
Faded glory of times past. Find here the crushed hovel of the peasant and the war ravaged village. Show no mercy as your hordes sweep through the remnants of civilisation following the scorched earth to your final battle.

War Torn

Twisted metal and blasted concrete
Fear written in steel, blood mixed with dust. The mighty works of civilisation blasted asunder in apocalyptical times. Weave your battle hardened armies past debris strew barricades. Take cover in  huge craters gouged from the ravaged soil. Re-group or set an ambush amongst the burnt husk of a once mighty city. Stage your heroic last stand amongst the ruins of your headquarters.

No Mans Land

Cliffs, crevices and crags.
Wasted land and cursed hollows. Barren wasteland through which all must travel. Every stone could tell a story of who has passed by, never to return. Faded hopes and dream dashed to pieces on the rocks and bogs of the cursed land. Your enemies lay in wait, ready to strike you down, hidden from view, with the thoughts of your blood on their weapons.

If you have a special project you would like help in bringing to life please drop me a line and I will be happy to give you a quote after establishing such things as the style and scale of the project.

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